Friday, May 05, 2006

An Odd Inconsistency At Casa Roma

Not-quite-prosciutto e funghi pizza

That's weird. This is the third time I've ordered the prosciutto e funghi pizza at Casa Roma, and each time it was different. The first time I absolutely loved the taste of the cheese and mushrooms but the center of the crust was soggy. The second time the crust was still soggy - and worse - the ham was a bore. This time, the crust was not soggy, but the cheese and ham had no taste (and the ham was cut into odd little squares). This is rather disturbing.

Insalata Casa RomaAt least the house rocket salad was pretty good with a tasty cheese topping. And the seafood soup was decently tasty and fresh (it reminded me a bit of San Franciscan cioppino). But the lasagne wasn't as crispy as I like. Uh oh...I'm losing faith in this place. We should have gone to Cantina instead.

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AF said...

I got a bit embarrassed after the last comment I posted about Valentino having shifted from Cantina to his own restaurant - and then finding that you've reviewed it! I hope this comes as a surprised though - Valentino was head chef at Casa Roma years ago, when he first came to Singapore, before he was at Cantina. My family and I got to know him then, and we've followed him around ever since. He made my wedding cake for me - an absolute dream that everyone raved about. If you go to his cake shop, ask for the first wedding cake they ever made (I don't know if they've done any others since.)