Wednesday, April 12, 2006

More from Casa Roma

Parma Ham and Mushroom Pizza

The proprietor at Casa Roma asked if I wanted Parma ham on my pizza instead of regular ham tonight, and unfortunately I made the mistake of agreeing to it. I should have known better than that. In contrast to that incredibly tasty pizza I had last time here, this one was rather bland and tasteless, so much to the point that I felt slightly sick afterwards. And yes, the center of the pizza was still a bit soggy today.

Melanzane ParmigianaAt least the linguine al granchio was very respectable (albeit still not as good as Cantina's). The proprietor offered his melanzane parmigiana eggplant too, which was pretty good, if rather expensive at S$16.90 (US$9.95) for just a few slices of veggies.

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Casa Roma is quite a gem! I reviewed it here: