Sunday, November 13, 2005

Casa Roma, Bukit Timah

Proscuitto E Funghi Pizza

There's no shortage of good Italian restaurants in Singapore, and Casa Roma is another good example of that (833 Bukit Timah Raod #01-09, 6464-8509). The prosciutto e funghi pizza had to have been one of the best that I've ever had. The cheese was very rich, only to be complemented with surprisingly fragrant mushrooms. Rock on! This place's pizza was seriously better than some of the places I ate at in Italy. The only shortcoming for me was that the center of the pizza was a little soggy, but it didn't matter as the taste of the cheese and mushrooms carried the pie all the way through.

Vongole Vino Bianco and Penne Alla MatricianaThe other dishes here are worth mentioning too. The clam appetizer's broth had a touch of tomato in it (unlike the industry standard butter and wine version), and it was light enough to drink as a soup (I really didn't need to order the minestrone after all, especially since the beans were rather undercooked). The penne alla matriciana was also pretty good and what you would expect. Cantina still wins in the pasta department in my mind, but Casa Roma wins when it comes to pizza. Pasta Fresca (which interestingly has a shop nearly next door to Casa Roma) is a nice standby either way.


xue said...

how about Al Forno? it's outside my place so i eat there often to satisfy my pasta cravings. it's along East Coast Road (near Telok Kurau). pretty dear though. but their signatures (can't spell them for the love of god) are pretty tasty and so is the small piece of tiramisu.

Anonymous said...

Was frightened off by the raspberry hue of the pizza! Is there a problem with colour balance on your photos?

bornappleT said...

Casa is a gem.

Rene said...

Went there last night (May 25, '07) and ordered the proscuitto e fungi. Was really let down. You were right about it being soggy in the middle, but the worst part was that it wasn't even real proscuitto. It was more like pressed ham. Really generic and gross. I wound up picking out those red, little pieces of SPAM wannabes but left the fresh mushrooms in.

My main criteria for a good pizza is thin crust, but the trick is that it's gotta stand up on it's own. It's gotta take responsibility for itself. Pizza with accountability; that's what I'm after.

Mastery of this trick is crucial for a good pizza and Casa Roma doesn't cut it. The Beef Carpaccio was really good, even though I am not a fan of raw food (maybe that's evolving).

They have a pretty decent wine list with barolos. Call ahead and get those decanted a couple of hours before. With a wine like that, I'd try one of the heartier dishes, but not really sure I'll be back.