Saturday, May 06, 2006

Duck Porridge From A Local Hawker

Duck porridge after stirring up one scoop to find the rice underneath

This was a bit of a shock when this arrived at my table this morning. The little picture above the hawker's stall showed a "duck porridge" that looked pretty straightforward with strips of duck meat sitting on white rice porridge. But when it came, the bowl was completely drenched in a brown sauce, while the rice was found by scooping underneath. The duck was also minced into little bits rather than in the strips in the picture.

Actually, in the end, it wasn't that bad nor as sweet as it looked (even though I had to add some strangely sour chili sauce in it for a little more kick). And I probably could have gotten it the way I was expecting if I had made it a little more clear to the lady. But I was just surprised at all that gravy doused on top, that's all.


Yes, still looking for gumbo said...

Is this the first time you're having duck porridge? The black soya sauce/duck sauce is supposed to be mixed into the porridge and only comes standard with duck porridge.

bma said...

Yes, it was my first time. I wasn't expecting it since the picture didn't show any of that sauce. Now I know!

BTW, we randomly walked past some alleged creole place called Blue Flame on Victoria Street the other day (not far from Baladi) and have been meaning to try it out in hopes that it provides some real creole/cajun. But every time I go by there to check it out, it is closed. I think they may have shut down.

It's strange...Tabasco can be found everywhere in Singapore (even being standard tableside issue at Italian places, strangely enough), but there is not a cajun restaurant to be found in Singapore.

alert5 said...

Speaking of duck porridge. The best duck rice is at the coffee shop where Sin Huat seafood restaurant is located. They have porridge as well but I prefer to have the rice.