Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Ocean Empire, Hong Kong

Sliced Fish Congee

Time for breakfast in HK. I was recommended a place near the Causeway Bay MTR station near Lockhart Road (I think it is called Li Yuan or something?), but it wasn't open very early for breakfast this morning, so I settled on another place around the corner (Excelsior Plaza, 24-26 East Point Rd, 2890-6827, but with multiple locations around HK). You can see them making breakfast in the window.

I was told that this place wasn't necessarily anything spectacular, and is just a quick chain place to grab a bite when you need it. I still liked it though, probably because it's not often that I can get real Cantonese congee. The sliced fish congee that I ordered today was boiled to a pulp (where the rice is extra tasty and the grains are nearly unrecognizable). And it surprised with some extra ingredients inside like peanuts and veggies. Anyway, that's it; just a quick breakfast. Hopefully I'll get to hit the other one around the corner next time...or maybe some of the soybean milk places across the way (they are apparently open 24 hours).

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Anonymous said...

You should have tried this dish they have.
Its You Tiao (fried fritters) wrapped in Chee Cheong Fun.
It's nice.
I enjoy reading your blog.
Keep it up!