Sunday, October 16, 2005

Taiwanese breakfast dishes at Fushing South Road

Yong He Dou Jiang Da Wong

Salty Soy Milk and Shao BingYong He Dou Jiang Da Wong (02-7367560) is a famous Taiwanese breakfast place on Fushing South Road section two, and the great thing is that it's open 24 hours, so I usually end up eating it more for a post-drinking filler than breakfast. The requisite items are the yio tiao (literally, oil strips - some people call them Chinese doughnuts, except that they are long and savory) and the hot soy bean milk, available in a sweet or salty version (I like the salty version better - it's filled with yio tiao cuts, pickled vegetables, and a dash of vinegar that forces the soy milk to curd). Other typical items include the shao bing (literally, roasted biscuit) and fan twan (literally, rice glob), all of which are freshly made here on the street.

Chive Box

But Yong He doesn't have one of my favorite grease bombs: the jiou tsai he, which is an oil-drenched patty filled with chopped chives. For this, I had to walk down the street to Yong He's competitor, Xi Hai Dou Jian Da Wong (literally, four ocean soy milk big king), who fries it up on the spot (unit #140, 02-2703-6170). All the grease and savory taste from the chives make this a quintessential post-drinking soaker. A dragon breath alert kicks in full effect here of course though.


Alvin said...

this yonghe outlet is just outside my old neighbourhood in Taipei!

used to go there for breakfasts!

Anonymous said...

you are absolutely spot on with yonghe. i adore this place. no visit to Taipei is complete without a stop here. very commendable also is the egg pancake (dan bing). divine. i have since visited other yonghes in Shanghai and Taipei but the one on Fushing is still the best.