Friday, April 14, 2006

More Food From Geylang

Beef Ho Fun

Geylang is a red light district of Singapore that - surprise, surprise - also has some of the best known local food in Singapore. Given the disappointment we encoutered at the hotpot place on Lorong 23, we made our way down to the "Geylang Famous Beef Kway Teow" (237 Lorong 9). It may look like sludge in the photo, but the beauty of this place's food is the heavily smoky taste in the noodles, combined with some very (albeit probably artifically) tender slices of beef. I don't like all that gravy crap on top though, so next time I'm going to order the "dry" version, which is something that I have not really been able to find in Singapore.

Clockwise from left: cold soy bean milk, yu tiao, and Taiwan noodle

Around the corner from this place is Yong He Eating House, a 24 hour Taiwanese breakfast place like the similarly-named one in Taipei (I presume that these guys are not related, but I could be wrong). They feature all the usual things, ranging from soybean milk to yu tiao, both of which were better than I was expecting, especially considering how far we were from Taipei. They also had a "Taiwanese noodle," which is actually the oyster noodle that is so popular in Taiwan. This version here was definitely a far cry from Taiwan (mushy noodles and - ugh - a sweet chili sauce), but was still better than I was expecting.


Anonymous said...

Hi, with regard to the dry beef hor fun, you may like to try the one at the Hong Kong Cafe along East Coast rd (next to the Chai Chee minced pork noodle and Beach road prawn mee). It was good, if only a tad too oily for my taste.

alert5 said...

The Sin Huat crab bee hoon may be famous but its not the best. Basically my peers and I find that its just full of MSG. A few doors away there is another seafood restaurant, the crab bee hoon is better. Price is around S$32 per kg. The cooking is free of charge.

If you go to Sin Huat during the day time or early evening, the place serves the best duck rice in Singapore.