Friday, April 14, 2006

House of Steamboat, Geylang Lorong 23

House of Steamboat in Geylang

Strange. I had heard about some decently authentic hotpot on Geylang Lorong 23 started by some mainland Chinese lady from Sichuan, so we came down here to check it out. But I think I must have been mistaken as this could not have been it, based upon what we ate. It looked bad from the start; the ingredients were laid out in a huge locker, and not necessarily of the best quality nor variety. The meat that they gave us was sliced way too thick too.

Spices for the Hot PotWe also told them to give us an extra spicy bowl of the broth, but it turned out to be rather tasteless. We thereby asked them to add more spices to it, and after giving us an entire rice bowl full of red spices, it still didn't do the trick. The only saving grace was that the clear broth turned out to be pretty tasty after I cooked all the meat, clams, cabbage, etc. in it, but otherwise this was a total disappointment. At least it was only S$10/head (US$5.70). I highly suspect that this was not the spot that I had heard about (the husband and wife team here didn't seem mainland Chinese either). My preference is clearly still for the "whispering man" instead.

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take a look. if interested can go try the steamboat there. very different