Monday, March 13, 2006

Gordon Ramsay in SQ Economy Class

Seared salmon fillet with sauteed pancetta-capiscums and steamed potatoes

SQ really is doing a bunch of celebrity chef meals in economy class. Tonight's meal looks like it was Gordon Ramsay's (and I didn't even realize that it was his until I looked at the menu again later). It started with a "ham with crispy romaine lettuce," which had a decently tasty dressing. Then it went to the "seared salmon fillet with sauteed pancetta-capiscums and steamed potatoes," which honestly was a bit light on taste for me. There were even whole cloves of garlic with the capiscum, but they were done so thoroughly that the taste was all gone by the time you ate it. The potatoes were pretty bland too.

Hmmm...this was the second Gordon Ramsay meal that I sometimes felt needed a bit more punch to it. Maybe that's because I'm on an airplane...either that, or that's just the way his style of cooking is. I've never eaten at his restaurants before, but if this was any preview, then I am not sure if I would like his food as much as I like his TV shows.


Jacob Martus said...

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Anonymous said...

duh! it IS airplane food! can't expect fine dining quality food on a plane right...

Donald said...

From the cookbooks of his I read, his style of cooking is generally lighter and allows the natural flavor of fresh ingredients to shine through. Without a doubt, some of its strengths would be lost when its done up as airline food.

bma said...

I am not looking for fine dining on an airplane; but I just want something that tastes half-decent. I have had a few airline meals that were surprisingly bearable, and not necessarily in business class either:

This time on SG Economy
This time on LH Economy
This time on SG Business
This time on LH Business

But yeah, I guess Ramsay's cooking really features more of a delicate taste.

Anonymous said...

Hi BMA, hope this post does not mean you are leaving Singapore. Was/is fun following you over the place, ;).

donald said...

Yeah what I mean is that his cuisine doesn't seem really that suitable for airline cuisine.

Your other meals featured somewhat more flavorful and richer foods, which aids to it being tastier under airline conditions IMO :)