Wednesday, October 26, 2005

LH Economy Class Lunch to Finland

LH Economy Class Ravioli Lunch

Hey these airline meals just keep getting better and better. Today's lunch was a piping hot ravioli in a rich creamy sauce. Although I personally would have done without the sun dried tomatoes (they are such a cliche), it still totally hit the spot. Yum. (And I thought we would be getting some plain old sandwich!) I was a bit surprised at the Griess-Pudding too. I'm not sure what it is, but I guess it's some German gritty-like semolina pudding, which was pretty good with a delicate yet rich taste. I'd like to look for some more of this stuff.


Anonymous said...

going a little off topic here... for all my wanting a job that would have me travel 25% of the time, doesnt all that traveling wear you out? all im doing is a sfo-sin-sfo type flight every 3 months or so and, while im getting used to the 15 odd hours each way, all that flying has somehow become rather dreary to me... and im imagining how it would feel like being you. ~gwen

Anonymous said...

That Landliebe GrieƟpudding is fantastic! I stayed in Munich for 4 months and ate that almost everyday... There are other versions of it which come with fruit, jam, cinnamon, chocolate.. YUM! Now if only one could find it in Singapore... sigh..!