Saturday, April 06, 2024

Enjoy Eating House and Bar at Novotel on Stevens

Smoked Cod Otah

I know that they intentionally made this place look retro in a nod to old school cze char establishments, but I really wish that they had made it look more elegant instead, especially since it was out of sync with the upscale nature of the food (30 Stevens Road #01-07, 8511-1478).

See, the food was pretty good, both in terms of selection and quality. This was seen in Grandma's Te Kah Bee Hoon, which is not only something that one doesn't often find at restaurants, but is also a dish that featured nicely tender and fatty off-the-bone pig trotters. The Ugly Cabbage in Fish Sauce was deliciously savory and smoky with a mild degree of sweetness to round it out, while my favorite was the Hakka Claypot Red Rice Wine Chicken, which was wonderfully aromatic from that rice wine and was impressively moist at that.

But you paid a price for it all, like S$26 (US$19) for that otah above. Multiply that by several dishes and the bill added up quickly. Sure, one got quality ingredients for that price, but sitting in that multi-colored room just didn't make me feel good about spending that kind of money.

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