Friday, March 01, 2024

Sidreria El Tigre in Madrid, Spain

When we ordered our drinks at this crowded bar (23 Calle de las Infantas), they shoved two gigantic plates of food in our faces even though we didn't order them. We were puzzled at first, but it turns out that these guys follow the Andalucian practice of providing free food with drinks, which just blew us away considering that we only paid €9 (US$10) for two beers and yet ended up with all of the food in the photo above.

Granted, the room-temperature food wasn't very exciting, especially since the sauce on the patatas bravas above was nowhere near as edgy as the one from La Ideal earlier. But hey, what a cool concept! No wonder why this place was so packed. We just felt bad that we had left so much of it uneaten as we weren't really hungry to begin with.

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