Saturday, February 24, 2024

Bodega del Vermut in Barcelona

Brochetas de bacalao

I would've walked right past this little place (6 Carrer de les Magdalenes, 930-17-5962) had it not shown up on a list of recommendations from Albert AdriĆ . See, at a quick glance it looked like just a small traditional tapas bar, but the quality of what they served was through the roof, including some very meaty and delicate anchovies, wonderful olives, as well as an array of cured meats. That included some whose fat was so sticky (but full of acorn aroma) that you could only take it in small bites, as well as some wonderfully fragrant and tender slices of tenderloin. The staff was friendly and the prices weren't as high as I thought they would be. This was exactly what we needed this afternoon.

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