Tuesday, November 21, 2023

SODENG Korean Restaurant in Singapore

Duck Gomtang

The Um Yong Baek folks opened a duck-focused restaurant earlier this year and I finally had a chance to go today (175 Telok Ayer Street). They do duck barbecue, but for lunch they also have limited quantities of duck-based gomtang. Yay!

It was quite different from the usual beef-based ones, not only in that the bowl was filled with things like a white fungus that they had to cut up tableside with scissors, but also in that the broth was very light. There wasn't any of the usual salt and pepper at one's disposal, but there were things like salted peppercorns, which they also cut up at the table.

As glad as I was to have tried it, I probably won't get it again. I would much rather go to Um Yong Baek instead, especially since the banchan there was better too. But I wouldn't mind coming back here one day to try their barbecue.

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