Thursday, July 14, 2022

Korea's Um Yong Baek in Singapore

Milyang Style Dwaejigukbab

Finally, I made it into this place (27 Boon Tat Street). It's supposed to be a popular place from Korea, and I've tried unsucesssfully many times over the past few weeks, both online and in person, to get a spot. Today I was able to walk in, right when they were doing their lunch-only dwaeji gukbab. They had sold out of the Busan-style clear broth already, but they had the cloudier milyang bone-based version, which suited me just fine.

It was awesome, with not just its rich and slightly peppery broth, but also those extremely tender cuts of pork in there, complemented by the banchan which was light years ahead of that mass processed stuff that I'd been getting recently. It was kinda like Hadongkwan meets Santouka, cranked up by a few notches. I'm definitely coming back, but I'll have to cross my fingers that I'll be as lucky as I was today to get a seat.

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