Thursday, November 16, 2023

Homura by KAI at Orchard Plaza in Singapore


KAI Yakitori is a place at Orchard Plaza that I could never get into. So I was delighted to find that they had expanded to a new shop one floor down called Homura (150 Orchard Road #03-18), which was easy enough to get seats online. More importantly, the food was really good, with moist and tender cuts of chicken that were grilled and seasoned just right.

What was perhaps an even bigger surprise is that I liked the chawanmushi starter (it's normally something that I despise, but these guys made it deliciously savory) all the way through to their little bowls of thick-broth paitan ramen as a closer. There were some things about their service to nitpick on, but it didn't matter too much in the end when the quality of the food was so good.

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