Saturday, September 23, 2023

Pu3 Restaurant at TripleOne Somerset in Singapore

Nasi Ambeng Solo

It took me a sec to figure out what the name of this restaurant was (111 Somerset Road #02-30, 9272-0034). The font made it look like "Puz," but nothing came up online about it. Then the engineer inside me wondered if it was plutonium-cubed or something. Then it hit me: putri, or daughter in Malay. Ah, now that made sense.

Anyway, the thing that caught my eye were a number of families seated around some big round metal platters, all digging into some gorgeously arranged food on top. It turns out that this is something called nasi ambeng, or a large four-person communal platter that is pre-configured with not just protein and rice, but also urap salad, sambal goreng, and bergedel. Fortunately, they had "solo" portions available too.

It was delicious. I loved everything on that plate, be it the tender coconut chicken or the firm tofu in the sambal goreng, or the fresh bean sprouts in the urap, as well as the eggplant balado. It was spicy, rich, and refreshing too. I just realized that HJH Maimunah also serves this; I really should make my way there to try theirs.

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Brendan said...

there used to be a place around the back of Gold Hill Plaza (the round building across the street from IRAS in Novena) that had Nasi Ambeng (not far from an Italian place that had good wild boar pappardelle). Not sure if they still exist post-COVID though.