Friday, June 09, 2023

Bread First Everyday and Jeffo’s at GastroBeats

Larb Gai Tord Slider

I went to check out some tents that I saw in the distance near Marina Bay Sands; it turned out to be some kind of annual festival called GastroBeats featuring food, music, and bouncy castles. Papi's Tacos was one of the stalls there, but I went for these larb sliders from a stall from Kovan called Bread First Everyday. They shoved some decently edgy larb into lightly fried mantou, which was a nice combination.

Chicken Wings

I needed a little more food though, so I grabbed some other items, with these chicken wings being one of the more notable ones. They are from a pub called Jeffo's, which was previously across from the Hard Rock Cafe off Orchard but are now on Duxton Road. They didn't have the prawn-paste oomph of har cheong gai, but the skin was very light and crispy, and I liked how the chili sauce was salty and loaded with ginger.

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