Monday, October 03, 2022

Bakalaki Greek Taverna on Martin Road, Singapore


I never made it to this Greek place back when it was in Tiong Bahru. But now that they are in the Robertson Quay area, I've gone several times now (38A Martin Road, 6836-3688). It might not be cheap, and I could nitpick on things that I would've done differently, but it's still reasonably priced and decent for what you get. I've been quite happy with that briam above in particular, in part since it's just simply-baked vegetables with dill and olive oil. Their octopus is tender, and I gobbled up their meze and fried anchovies too. I'd like to come back to try more of their seafood, but need to remember to bring a group of people since this is really food that's best shared.

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