Wednesday, June 22, 2022

Ao Ringo at Orchard Plaza in Singapore


Here's yet another one of those little counter-based spots at Orchard Plaza, this one being a spinoff of a Spanish place from Tokyo (150 Orchard Road #01-44, 8879-9837). It was a pretty good deal with the omakase going for just S$99 (US$71) featuring a lot of seafood from Japan. But the service was uncomfortably rushed. Even if it was the same two-hour limit that peers like Apollon impose, the staff kept putting pressure on us to clear our plates even before everyone had even finished. My tummy and wallet were happy, but my face was not.

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leepatesp said...

My friends and I never felt rushed. We opted for the 8:30-10:30pm slot and the friendly staff of two and the owner were so accomodating and pleasant. We had exquisite food in a great atmosphere!