Friday, April 08, 2022

Apollon at Orchard Plaza in Singapore

Potato Salad

Wow, I was not expecting to like this place so much, but it's easily one of my favorite restaurants right now (150 Orchard Road #01-29). OK, I shouldn't call it a restaurant. It's more of a tiny 8-10 seater bar with sake on tap, and multiple selections at that. They even have a speakeasy behind it.

Like Toku Izakaya though, they serve food too, and it was awesome, including not just that savory potato salad above, but also the flaky crabcakes, tender minced tuna, and delicate amaebi. My favorite was the chicken liver, which was impressively rich and creamy, while the karaage here might even beat my all-time favorite Rang Mang Shokudo.

It turns out that this is run by the folks behind MoboMoga, but I liked this place much more for both its food and drinks. The draft sake was particuarly fun because we could sample so many of them. Next time I need to remember to check out the aged sake that they serve in the speakeasy.

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