Saturday, April 02, 2022

Shenyang Feng Wei at Tai Hwa Eating House

Guotie and xiaolongbao

It's easy to overlook this little Chinese dumpling and noodle stall (466 Crawford Lane #01-12) when most people come over here for Tai Hwa instead. But it was good in its own right, as seen in those guotie above, whose chive-based stuffing was much better than that sweet duck at DaXi. The xiaolongbao were thicker-skinned and less refined than Din Tai Fung, but nonetheless were solid for a kopitiam offering and better than Hong Peng.

The big surprise for me was the congyoubing, which looked disappointingly dense at first. But it consisted of a crunchy yet thin exterior around a moist and chewy interior with a scallion oil that was nice and savory and even slightly smoky. His chili oil was on point too, as long as you ask for the dark chili oil rather than the tangy red chili sauce. There were plenty of tables available on a Saturday night, so I'm sure that I'll be back. Thanks for the tip!

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