Saturday, August 04, 2018

China's Liang Sandwich Bar at VivoCity in Singapore

Scallions Sandwich

This chain from China has a bit of an odd name (1 Harbourfront Walk #B2-K22, 6255-0310). First of all, it's not what you'd normally think of as sandwich bar. Instead, it's a stall selling congyoubing or jianbing with options to shove protein inside. Secondly, the place is adorned with pictures of Taiwanese pop star Jay Chou everywhere, including both the menu and the paper wrapper. I'm not sure what Liang is referring to, but I'll bet you that most people just think of this place as "Jay Chou's Scallion Pancakes."

Anyway, given that we already had lunch earlier, I opted for the cheapest item on the menu: a basic congzhuabing for just S$2.50 (US$1.80), and without the egg option either. I was surprised to see them pull them out of the freezer and throw them directly onto the griddle, but it still turned out to be fluffy and piping hot without being too greasy. I might get one for a snack again if I happen to be nearby, perhaps opting for the Jay Chou chicken option next time.

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