Saturday, August 04, 2018

Tokyo's Kagurazaka Saryo at VivoCity in Singapore

Aburi Chicken Shio Cha-nabe

The folks behind Ajisen have converted their Fruit Paradise outlet at VivoCity into an outlet of Saryo, a small chain of matcha cafes from Japan (1 Harbourfront Walk #01-59, 6376-9978). Now, a matcha shop of course is focused on tea and dessert. But that's just not my thing. Instead, I was interested in the savory part of their menu, which was centered around something called cha-nabe. From what I could see, it was basically ochazuke served in a Le Creuset-like French oven, and with the option for udon instead of rice.

They had multiple broths and protein options too, including tonkotsu, miso, tom yum, and soy milk for the former, plus shabu shabu meat, tantan meat, and salmon for the latter. I stripped mine down to the simplest chicken shio above, and it was a decently refreshing ochazuke, complete with a fat ume plum lurking inside. That worked for me, and I am kinda curious to see what the other broths are like now. But no, I have no idea what the desserts are like (that's potato salad in the upper right corner of the tray, in case you are wondering).

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