Saturday, October 13, 2007

A "China Pizza" from Taiwan

China Pizza

I don't know what this streetside snack is called (aside from the self-described "China Pizza" on the wrapper). But it was kind of like one of those Chinese scallion oil pancakes...except that they beat the crap out of the thing with spatulas just before they serve it up to you hot off the griddle, the point of which is to fluff it up, I believe. Note that the texture of the dough is stringy rather than a big contiguous piece like roti prata is.

Anyway, this was ultimately just another medium with which to consume salt and grease, but they kept it light enough on the latter to keep you from feeling guilty about it, all the while still keeping it tasty and affordable at just NT$25 (US$0.75). They also had an egg option should you so choose.


Anonymous said...

hey this must be one of the best food blogs around :)

anyways just wanted to tell you that from the picture it looks a little like roti canai, (the malaysian versin of roti prata), which is less oily and more crispy.

Rose said...

um. this is literally called "pulled onion oily pancake" in mandarin and i think its origins are from malayasia.

i love it. its absolutely horrible for your arteries, but its terrific with beer :-)