Saturday, October 13, 2007

Treats from a Taiwanese Convenience Store

Tea Eggs

You know that you're in Taiwan when you walk into a 7-Eleven (or one of its competitors) and the whiff of tea eggs hits you in the face. Someone once described this as a horrendous looking cauldron of dark eggs boiling away at the front of the store, and indeed, it doesn't look pretty. But these are just eggs hard boiled in soy sauce and some tea leaves for extra flavor, thus making it quite a simple and savory snack.

More Calpis VariantsI also found some more Calpis variants today. A quick glance at the bottle on the right looked like there was a vegetable-flavored one, as if V-8 met Calpis. My curiosity was piqued. But when I took my first sip, it turned out to be largely apple-flavored. Only then did I look more closely to realize that it was just an apple and carrot depicted on the label, the latter of which didn't really come through in the taste.

Mo Far KorFinally, I found what appeared to be some mo far kor in a bag here. I didn't buy any, so I don't know how it tasted. But this didn't have that mysterious dude on the front either.


Anonymous said...

from the chinese chracters and lone english word, it is supposed to be preserved figs..

"wu hua guo"

Bunga Sayang said...

After your previous post on Mo Far Kor, i began my hunt for the old man one too! Glad to announce it can be found at Ang Mo Kio St 22 some crappy budget store. I can post some to you if you're interested!They didn't come in small bottles but a flat sachet.