Thursday, February 03, 2022

Fish Soup from The Ship Restaurant & Bar, Shaw Centre

Special Sliced Fish Noodles

The Ship is an interesting place (1 Scotts Road #03-16, 6235-2235). Ostensibly, it is a very old school family restaurant with tacky nautical theme to it, serving generic Western-style dishes like pasta and steak, oftentimes with gigantic cuts of carrots and broccoli as garnish, and sometimes on black hot plates too. But on weekdays for lunch, there is one local dish on the menu: fish soup. Or as they called it, special sliced fish noodles.

It probably doesn't look like much above, but the thing that I was pleasantly surprised with was the separately plated fried fish, which was impressively fresh and much that I didn't even bother putting it into my soup. If anything, the soup was only an afterthought, with the real reason for ordering this dish being the fish. At S$14.90 (US$11.10), it is pretty expensive compared to what one can get at hawker centers. But this is in air-conditioned full-service comfort. I guess it's not unlike getting chicken rice at Chatterbox.

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