Monday, January 17, 2022

Cheap Unagi at Una Una in Singapore

Double Hitsumabushi

Not to be confused with the Spanish restaurant UNA nor the defunct ramen shop Uma Uma, Una Una is a small chain of unagi shops that I never gave much thought, most likely because there were way too many shops popping up a few years ago trying to ride on the coattails of Man Man. Well, today these guys finally caught my eye when I saw how low their prices were, with a small hitsumabushi going for just S$9.80 (US$7.25) going up to that double above for S$19.80 (US$14.70).

Of course, there were reasons why it was so cheap, most notably in that they used frozen eels rather than live ones. You could also see where they cut corners in things like the dried out scallions, lack of seaweed, and less than optimal rice. I'll confess that those didn't really bother me too much, as the eel was still tender and fatty enough to be enjoyable. But the portion was still a little paltry. They also have an unaju that looked more filling, but of course was more expensive too.

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