Friday, November 26, 2021

Yummy Yum Authentic Thai Salad at Golden Mile Tower

Clockwise from left: raw prawn yum, vermicelli boat noodles, blue crab yum, golden mushroom yum

It's worth taking a second first to clarify the name of this place (6001 Beach Road #B1-69). They serve Thai "salads," but we're not talking about plates of leafy greens. It's basically your choice of protein (including raw blue crab and prawns like I got above), done up in either a larb or yum style (get it?), the former of which was fun with its rice powder, while the latter was refreshing with its chopped chili peppers and tomatoes.

They all come out in tiny S$2 (US$1.50) portions, which makes these salty spicy sour morsels perfect for sampling along with some beer. They also have boat noodles, sticky rice, and some impressively tender grilled skewers available. Yummy indeed, especially at the extra spicy Thai level. If you're having trouble finding them, look for the brown Thai Street Food Market signage in the basement.

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