Sunday, July 04, 2021

Tha Chang Noodle Bar at Golden Mile Complex

Boat Noodles

I like how this shop does its boat noodles (5001 Beach Road #01-91, 9438-2934). Rather than overwhelming you with infinite choices, it's just two broths/proteins, four noodle types, and a binary spicy/non-spicy decision. And my two bowls were a perfect pick-me-up this afternoon along with some fiber and caffeine. Both broths were pleasantly smoky, but the pork bowl was a little sweeter than the beef, which means that I'll stick to the latter next time. And the "spicy" level was just right for me, although of course one could level up with the condiments on the table if needed. There were a number of other items on the menu that looked worthy of exploration too, including not just a crab omelette, but also a number of seafood salads.

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ClearTear said...

i had their raw prawns salad, it was whole prawns never devein, i wish they had done it the traditional thai way, butterfly the prawns before adding dressing.