Thursday, October 21, 2021

Aburi Kaisen Don Keisuke at Bugis+ in Singapore

Kiwami Warayaki Aburi Kaisen Don Special

So Keisuke replaced his omurice shop at Bugis+ with a kaisendon shop last month, presumably because of the popularity of Teppei's bowls. But this was much better than Teppei's given that the fish was much more finely cut, and the quality was much better too. Plus, there is an ochazuke option featuring his lobster broth as an option.

Note though that the bowl is deceptively shallow; I was still hungry after eating that above. Moreover, there is quite a bit of overkill in this bowl, given not just the gooey (chicken) egg in there, but also the furikake and even that sesame soy sauce on the side. I didn't pour it in like they suggested since that would've just covered up everything else.

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