Saturday, September 25, 2021

Yeast Side at KAP Residences, Singapore

Prawn Star

The Orh Gao folks opened up a bakery earlier this year, and the cool thing is that they switch to pizzas in the afternoon, complete with an array of taps just like at Orh Gao (9 King Albert Park #01-09). And yes, the crust is pretty good, being both chewy as well as with a delicately crisp exterior. That "prawn star" above was particularly impressive with its deliciously savory (and mildly spicy) prawn oil, not to mention fresh prawns and pomegranate seeds. It reminded me a bit of Chooby Pizza, but with a slightly better crust and choice of beers, not to mention alfresco dining. Thumbs up; I'll be coming back to try more.

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