Sunday, August 08, 2021

San Francisco's Mr. Holmes Bakehouse in Singapore

Bacon Jalapeño Danish

Sitting on the grounds of Tsuta's former Pacific Plaza outlet is this viennoiserie from San Francisco whose original outlet closed down during the pandemic (9 Scotts Road #01-02, 6334-0308). Yet it is alive and well here thanks to the folks who brought nearby Leckerbaer and Luke's Lobster over to the equator.

They're known for their cruffins, or muffin-shaped croissants, so I grabbed one filled with tiramisu cream, as well as a "yellowpink" croissant with a gooey mango filling inside. Neither one was as buttery as I had hoped for, but they were certainly the sugar bombs that one would expect.

My tastes, however, incline toward savory things, so I was much more excited about that bacon jalapeño Danish above. It wasn't as buttery as I had hoped either (nor as spicy or even bacon-y), but the crispy melted cheese on the edges made up for it. I'm kinda curious to see how their bacon habanero sandwich tastes now.

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