Thursday, July 01, 2021

Taikoo Lane Hotpot at Chinatown Point, Singapore

Mutton Slice Set

It looks like this place (133 New Bridge Road #B1-16, 6970-0966) has been here for a couple of years already. But I had never heard of it, and I only went in because the sign said that they were doing some soft launch promo sets for lunch. There were some large communal pots available, but most of the tables were fitted with individual ones. And after trying that mala beef tallow broth above, I wish that I had a communal pot too so that I had some non-spicy broth to sip on.

Yes, it was potent, in a good way, as long as you don't choke on it and get it up your nose like I briefly did. I want to try their green tengjiao broth next, as it seems to be a signature item. And maybe choose fish or beef as my protein given that the lamb above was a bit lean, even if still very edible. Note to self: that sesame sauce mixture that they provided today was excessively sweet, so check to make sure that they aren't adding sugar or anything from that condiment trolley. And S$3 (US$2.20) is too much to pay for suanmeitang.

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