Friday, July 02, 2021

On-Dol’s Weekday Ssam Bap Lunch Is Now S$24 (US$18)

On-Dol’s Weekday Ssam Bap Lunch With Ganjang Saewoo

One thing that I've been wanting to get for a while is On-Dol's Ssam Bap lunch, which is only available on weekdays at a bargain price of just S$18 (US$13). Only when we arrived today did we notice that they have since placed a little sticker over the price, increasing it to S$24 (US$18). The two portion minimum still applies.

It's still a pretty good deal though given not just the quantity of food, but also the quality, featuring lots and lots of healthy fiber, including that awesome tray of leafy greens that just blows Bornga out of the water. We basically ate what we had last time, but at a much cheaper price, and rice and jjigae were included this time.

Actually, there was one new thing: that ganjang saewoo in the bottom left corner. It was more soy sauce-heavy than the one at Meta, but the prawns were still deliciously fresh and firm. I'm not sure if it was included at the old $18 price, but if that's what accounted for the $6 increase, then I'm happy to have paid more.

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