Saturday, May 29, 2021

Abundance near Redhill in Singapore

Niu Yolk Fried Rice and Red Hot Chilli Dumplings

Time for yet another fried rice shop run by former Din Tai Fun chefs (63A Lengkok Bahru #01-378). Actually, these guys apparently started out by doing guabao pork belly buns. But I was after their fried rice, which was not only much better than that Chef Wang place, but have their own spin, like that "Niu Yolk" on the left fried in beef fat and topped with an onsen tamago and short ribs.

They did a nice job with other things too, like a pork chop fried rice that was much more tender and moist than even Din Tai Fung itself, as well as some generously plump dumplings in the upper right, even if the chili sauce was more sweet than it was spicy. Similar to Chooby Pizza last night, it'd be interesting to come back when dine-in service resumes given the promising lineup of beers on tap here.

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