Wednesday, November 25, 2020

545 Whampoa Prawn Noodles at Tekka Centre, Singapore

Prawn Noodle

That was easily one of the best bowls of prawn noodles that I've had. It was nicely done all around, including not just the rich and savory broth, but also the well-seasoned noodles, and even the little things like the shelled but fresh prawns, crunchy shallots and lard, and the chili powder, which is not the usual dusty powder but a coarser grind with seeds. I'm not sure if there is a corresponding stall at Whampoa Food Centre that does it the same way, but this one here at Tekka Centre is worth coming back for (665 Buffalo Road #01-326).


Eat said...

I tried it, it was disappointing with that weird ketchup addition and diluted broth. Similar stall at Pek kio market is wayyyyyy better

bma said...

Interesting, as the thing that I liked about this Tekka shop was that there wasn't much of a ketchup taste, and the broth was full of flavor. Which Pek Kio stall are you thinking of? Wah Kee?

TC said...

The Whampoa stall is run by the aunt of the original hawker. This one is run by his daughter. This style is really old school vs the bisque-like soup of places like Wah Kee.