Wednesday, November 25, 2020

Huraideu Korean Fried Chicken in Singapore

Huraideu Korean Fried Chicken

This place requires a few explanations. First off, it turns out that the Korean transliteration of fried chicken is huraideu-chikin, and hence the name. Second, this is not a chain from Korea, but rather a local shop. More importantly, it's another cloud kitchen doing deliveries only; I only found out about it because a big ad was running when I opened GrabFood this afternoon.

And how about the food? The good thing was that it wasn't anywhere as sweet as I feared it would be. But the "extra spicy" ghost pepper sauce wasn't anywhere as spicy as I thought it would be either (those dry chili garnishes on top clearly were not ghost peppers either). Plus, the batter was thick and even tough sometimes. I still ate it (and the kimchi cole slaw was kinda cool), but I won't order it again.

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