Tuesday, July 14, 2020

Some Packaged Food From Japan

Tokyo Ramen Pirikara Ninniku

Here's some random packaged food from Japan that we've been eating this week, starting with those instant noodles above from Daiso. They came in tiny little bricks without any seasoning packets; you basically just poured hot water on it and the broth made itself. The packaging also suggested eating them like Mamee noodles if you'd like, although it got really salty with all of that soup base sticking to the noodles.

Hamanasu Ume Natto

This pack of natto was interesting in that it was plum-based. Or rather, it was just natto (with some nice-sized beans), but it came with a thick plum-flavored jam-like tare. It was only mildly sweet, so I still finished it, but I'd definitely opt for a more traditional shoyu and karashi mustard instead.

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