Monday, December 31, 2018

Trying an Outlet of The Kickin' Crab

Shrimp Kickin Style Spicy Spicy

I thought that this was a local Viet-Cajun place until I realized that it's an outlet of a big chain down in Southern California. Anyway, we went to one of their San Jose outlets tonight. We got the wrong sauce by going for the "all of the above" Kickin' Style, which added a bit of tanginess to it rather than the cleaner buttery heat that we usually get at The Boiling Crab (in retrospect, we probably should've ordered just the Cajun sauce). Plus, the top "Spicy Spicy" level wasn't actually that spicy, and parts of our order were wrong too. That said, the tangy sauce wasn't too distracting, and was a nice break from what we usually get. We still finished it all.

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