Friday, September 16, 2016

Revisiting the Boiling Crab in San Jose, California

Boiling Crab

It's been so long since we last visited the Boiling Crab that we nearly forgot how to best configure it all. But we did a pretty good job today, so here are my notes - if anything just so for ease of remembering next time we're here. (We're so glad that we came here instead of going to Moveable Feast again.)

First off, get a pound of the live crawfish if they're in season. Add a half pound of shrimp and half pound of sausage (since they are the only items that they sell in half-pound increments) plus a couple of half corn-on-the-cobs, and get the original Ragun Cajun sauce at the XXX spicy level. It's potent enough to be a lot of fun without being excessive. They also seem to have made the muối tiêu chanh optional; ask for it, mix in the lime juice, and throw the remaining lime into the free ice water.

When the food arrives, put the crawfish on the rice so that some of the excess grease seeps down into it. After it's cooled off a bit, twist off the head and either suck out the head fat or squeeze that beige fatty goodness onto the rice. Scoop out some of that red chili oil out of the bag and onto the rice to taste and shovel it into your mouth. When it all gets too rich, shell one of the tails and dip it into the lime and salt mix to cut through the grease. Repeat and grin with pleasure.

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