Wednesday, September 02, 2015

Longchao Xuyi Longxia in Xiangmihu, Shenzhen

Mala Xiaolongxia

This was the crawfish place that I wanted to hit up last time I was in Xiangmihu. These guys are apparently a chain (and there are quite a few other competitors nearby), but the Xiangmihu location is supposed to be one of the best in town (Xiangmi South 1st Street, +86-755-8305-1908)

And it was pretty cool; they had a variety of flavors like mala, "13 spice," and even a dry one with salted eggs, all in relatively small portions of say 10-15 crawfish per bowl, thus allowing you to try a lot of different ones. I liked them all, to be honest. And they even offered noodles so that you could drown them with the remaining sauce. Cool!

One thing that surprised me though was when my local colleague stopped me from sucking on the heads, pointing out that these things weren't raised in the best of conditions. To me, that kinda defeated the point of eating these things, but there wasn't much headfat in them anyway.

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