Thursday, July 16, 2015

Hu Xiao Pang in Shanghai, China

Ganbian Xiaolongxia

After a number of cocktails tonight, I was thinking of some salty spicy food. Fortunately, another one of those crawfish places was within walking distance of the bar, so I made my way down there (638 Huaihai Zhong Lu, 021-6333-1686), especially since this stuff is supposed to be in season now.

I could not read the menu at all, so I asked them for a recommendation and this is what they brought me, which surprisingly had the heads removed and weren't sitting in any sauce. I was told later that this might have been the gan bian style, as in ganbian sijidou?

Anyway, it was still fun to eat, being the greasy spicy salty fatty thing that it was. This place was actually pretty cool in that they had a million ways to prepare live crawfish, including cold and "13 spice." I was happy with this and would easily come back to try more flavors.

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