Thursday, April 09, 2015

Haoweiguan in Xiangmihu, Shenzhen

Steamed Oysters

A colleague of mine from Beijing dragged me here, saying that this place was known for local oysters here in Shenzhen. It was actually in a rather large area filled with outdoor dai pai dong-like restaurants. But this one specialized in oysters done up all sorts of ways, including grilled as well as in a porridge. The only way that they didn't serve it was raw, as they said they worried about people getting sick.

Indeed, the reason why those cooked oysters above are drowning in garlic is the belief that garlic has antibacterial properties. Anyone who knows me knows that I absolutely hate overgarlicked seafood, so I scraped most of it off. Still, it was cheap. And interestingly, they also had yangrou chuanr available here, making this meal a total cholesterol and fat bomb. If I come back to Xiangmihu, I might try that crawfish place next door instead.

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