Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Country Cookshop, Shenzhen, China

Roasted Pigeon

I'm sure that there is a more fitting name for this place in Chinese, but I can't read the characters, and these were the English words underneath it (I thus can't read the address either, but the phone number is 2690-0603). Anyway, I needed a quick dinner after having checked into the hotel tonight, and the concierge said that I'd find a dai pai dong down the street if I kept walking a bit.

I asked them for some of their signature items, and they told me to get the oysters (fresh but way too much garlic on the top that I had to scrape off) as well as this pigeon (the skin was deliciously crispy, but the meat was a bit gamey until I dipped it in some of that salt on the side). None of this was necessarily anything that I'll go back for right away, although I suspect that I may very well end up back here one of these nights given that they have a Xinjiang yang rou chuanr section in the back of the menu, and they are open late.

Also worthy of note is that local beer in the background. When I first saw the label, I thought it had a peculiar name: Mons. I kept wondering what the heck "Mons" was (perhaps being similar to that other Chinese beer, Reeb). It was only a few minutes later that I realized that I was reading it upside down: the brand name was Snow. And now that I've looked it up, not only have I had this before, but apparently it is one of the best selling beers in the world despite only being sold in China. Interesting.

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The Garden Hoe said...

Your blog is insane! I jealous, fascinated, hungry, excited all at the same time. How do you manage to be in different places so quickly and find these amazing food places? Really impressive! Thanks.