Friday, November 30, 2018

My Second Food Tour Today: Chilango Tacos 101


This may seem greedy, but I actually had back to back food tours today, as the Eat Mexico folks also offer an afternoon taco tour that was conveniently timed and located nearby in the Condesa and Roma neighborhoods. This one was more focused on seated taquerias. I was happy with the crunchy chiccharon in a campechano taco from a shop called El Jarocho, as well as some pulque that we got together with that chunky lamb barbacoa at El Hidalguense above.

Cochinita Pibil

Other destinations included that cochinita pibil above from a Mayan place called Welik as well as some smoked marlin tacos from a small chain called El Pescadito Roma. The latter in particular was probably my least favorite, as there was just too much meat. But there was a Cuban ice cream stall at the Market Medelin that was impressive, including one flavor that that tasted like butter and another one that was cinnamon-laced. It was also interesting to stop at a tortilleria to eat a tortilla with nothing but a sprinkle of salt, thus effectively being a salt taco.

Tacos Arabes

They closed out with the rotating kebab spit tacos, the first one being tacos arabes at Taqueria El Greco. Notice that it's actually pita bread rather than a tortilla above, as this is the Lebanese predecessor to tacos al pastor, the latter of which we got at El Tizoncito Cholula. I've had mixed sentiment about tacos al pastor in the past, but this one might've been my favorite of the day given how delicately he cut the meat without overdoing the pineapple.

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