Monday, April 30, 2018

Tijuana's Tacos El Gordo in Las Vegas, Nevada

Adobada al pastor y tripas tacos

It might seem a bit odd for me to come here, seeing that I was just down in Tijuana last week. But I don't think I've ever been to their shop down there, and conveniently they opened several outlets up here in Vegas, including one within walking distance from my hotel. And I was getting really sick of burgers, so the thought of a couple of tacos with some horchata sounded just right. They had some huge kebab spits set up, so of course I had to go for one of their adobada al pastor, which was fine. But I was more excited about the tripas on the right, which was surprisingly crispy and fatty, even though it didn't look like it when he was slicing it to order. Anyway, this place totally hit the spot, and may very well be worth more visits later this week.

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