Sunday, December 08, 2013

Deciphering Street Food in Guadalajara

Tacos el Chino

I hit the streets for food tonight, seeing how most of the restaurants around here closed early on Sundays. The front desk told me about some little taco stand a few blocks south of the hotel, so I found this guy, which was totally packed when I arrived. I thus had a bit of trouble getting my order in, and it was only after observing things for a few minutes did I realize that I had to go get a number first, after which they would take my order.

Tripas, Cabeza, and Chorizo Tacos

Unfortunately, I only know how to count to ten in Spanish, so I was going to have a bit a trouble when they called out my number 26. The good thing though was that I remember the two guys ahead of me that got numbers, so I simply walked up after I saw them getting their orders in. I went ahead and got my favorite crispy tripas along with cabeza and chorizo, all of which went down in the blink of an eye, especially when garnished with all of those salsas, radishes, and cucumbers. Yum - and all for only 8 pesos (US$0.60) each.

Cold Poached Broccoli

That was awesome, but I still needed more food. I thus kept walking and came across a whole slew of street carts waiting in front of a concert hall. There were lots of carts, but many of them being of the same variety, be it corn/vegetables, chips with chili sauce, Squirt soda with chili/salt/lime, and even a bunch of guys selling flan for dessert. I went for nearly all of them, including that boiled broccoli above, covered in the same cheese and chili powder that one gets on elote. At least I finally got some green vegetables into my belly.

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