Tuesday, June 25, 2013

El Korita on Story Road in San Jose

From left: taco de tripa and vampiros de tripa

I love it when I randomly come across places like this. See, my hotel is near East San Jose this time, so I figured that it'd be a great chance to head out to Story Road where I'd seen a bunch of street stands lit up at night before. And oh boy, were there a lot of them, serving everything from tacos to tortas to Mexican hot dogs. This one was set up at the corner of Jackson and Story, just in front of the Mariscos el Rincon restaurant.

I went with a couple of tacos to start, one featuring head meat and another one featuring tripe, the latter being so delicious (he made them "crispy") that I immediately asked for another one. I also got that vampiros on the right, which used a hard shell like a tostada but also had a layer of beans and melted cheese on it. Either way, all of this went down my belly in no time, all followed by some fresh and light churros from a neighboring stall later. Yum.

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