Sunday, September 13, 2009

Food from the Alameda Swap Meet in LA

Mexican Roast Corn

In Los Angeles, Mexican food is a given. But we went really deep today by heading to the Alameda Swap Meet, an indoor bazaar where we were the only ones that were not speaking Spanish. There were all sorts of things to eat in the open courtyard, including pupusas and a bunch of things that I was completely clueless about. But I spotted a lady selling corn that I was immediately drawn to. The corn was roasted first before being dressed with a barrage of condiments like cheese, mayo, limes, and chili powder. Yum.

Sopa Criminal

Another item we grabbed was this mixed seafood soup from a shop called Mariscos El Diablo (4501 South Alameda Street, 323-233-3015). I don't know why they called it sopa criminal, but it was filled with fish, shrimp, octopus, and other items. And in Mexican soup fashion, this light broth came with accoutrements like avocado slices, onions, and limes. It was tasty, but also in such a gigantic bowl that we felt bad that we couldn't finish it.

Bacon Wrapped Hot Dog

Then again, maybe that was because we grabbed so many other treats from the surrounding stalls, such as bacon-wrapped hot dogs, a local concoction that I haven't seen in ages. There were a number of condiments available, including some grilled whole green peppers that were surprisingly spicy. I just wish that I had the stomach space to try some other things that we saw, including some oysters on the half shell as well as a whole deep fried fish that I saw a guy rubbing lime all over. Well, that only means one thing: a return visit is in order.

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Anonymous said...

Just went their yesterday for the first time. Just wish there was more space in my tummy for all the great snacks and dishes. I am not one to overeat, but it was called for at this beautiful food-lovers location.